“Leo Ash Evens exuded constant energy and well-tailored eccentricities to the villain in search of a hero. Evens always kept his performance just barely short of complete absurdity, which made the character fun to watch...Overall, Stache really is one of the main reasons to watch the show, and Evens and his flavor-saver pulled it off brilliantly.”

—Zach Archuleta, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

“Leo Ash Evens is outrageously flamboyant as the Black Stache, milking every comic moment.”

—Barbara M. Baron, Salt Lake Tribune

“Black Stache (Leo Ash Evens) was a favorite among the crowd. He made the crowd laugh, giggle, and almost wet their seats. Black Stache had people on the edge of their seats begging for more. His character was a rude, crude, evil, dirty, and overall, a very naughty pirate...”

—Makayla Hensen, DaVinci's Notebook

“The most colorful character of the show is Black Stache, who is full of malapropisms - and himself. Played by Leo Ash Evens, Black Stache provides a constant stream of giggles with his one-liners and melodrama.”

—Emily Edmonds, Desert News

Emcee in CABARET

“From the start, it's clear the Emcee (played with ferocious energy by Leo Ash Evens) is leading us into a very nasty place.”

—D.L. Groover and Lee Williams, Houston Press

“Leo Ash Evens puts his own stamp on the Emcee: indefatigably antic and audacious, slyly wicked, conspiratorial in his rapport with the audience, and such a charismatic presence that one never takes offense. Singing, dancing or clowning, he's the live wire that sparks the cabaret scenes and a watchful presence everywhere else.”

—Everett Evans,

“"...The gregarious emcee, brilliantly portrayed by the talented Leo Ash Evens (move over Joey Grey and Alan Cumming!), over the footlights and beyond our comfortability and into his bawdy, bodacious, and bitingly satiric world as he welcomes us with the infamous Wilkommen.”


“I have previously mentioned the amazing Leo Ash Evens as the Emcee. Without his boundless energy and perfectly crafted choices of expression and movement, this production of Cabaret would not have gone very far. He so totally intoxicates and takes us wholly hostage on his wild ride through the Kit Kat Klub that, although we see the fatalistic Nazi regime coming at us full speed ahead, we are powerless to jump off his train. Bravo!”


“Leo Ash Evens brings a smarmy, creepy, wild Emcee role to vivid life. Evens certainly lives up to the expectations that this actors dream role commands.”

—Deb Flomberg,

“The decadent Emcee Leo Ash Evens sets the mood for the show as he rises up from a hole in the stage floor singing Wilkommen

—Sonya Ellingboe, Littleton Independent

“Evens clearly understands how to exude that necessary stage presence and masterfully works it. His interactions with the crowd are timed with unique precision and his movements are equally precise. Moreover, his versatility shows forth as he flawlessly moves through the show's ebbs and flows of emotions. Also important in adding to the enjoyment is his singing prowess. His talent shines forth as someone who has not only been trained, but knows how to evoke reactions from his listeners.”

—Russell Weisfield, Denver

“Evens does an excellent job as the emcee, who acts as the unseen storyteller, pot-stirrer and silent tour guide of the unfolding nightmare. Evens skillfully manipulates the Arvada Center audience into becoming part of the Kit Kat Klub's audience, making them laugh and clap while crooning, 'Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!'”

—Megan Quinn, MetroNorth


“...Nicely complemented by Leo Ash Evens in the role of Bert, a street-smart jack-of-all-trades and a narrator of sorts in retelling the story of Mary... With a spot-on Cockney accent, you can't help but love the endearing chimney sweep.”

—Colette Connolly,

“Leo Ash Evens was wonderful as the wise and lovable Bert. He immediately wins you over with his well-executed accent, an intriguing blend of Irish lilt and Cockney diction, and his jovial, cheeky grin.”

—Kristen Weyer, NY Theatre Guide

“Leo Ash Evens is thoroughly appealing as Bert; I very much enjoy the flirtatiousness between Bert and Mary in this production”

—Michall Jeffers,

Pluto in JASPER IN DEADLAND *premiere musical

“The lively inhabitants of Deadland, played by a viruosic sextet of actors, triumph demonstrating versatile comedy chops and an uncanny mastery of character that makes Jasper such a consistently captivating fantasy tale.”

—Marc Snetiker, Entertainment Weekly

Bobby Gerard in FINKS *premiere play

“Bobby, a terrific dancer and choreographer (beautifully danced, sung, and acted by Leo Ash Evens”

—Diana Berth, The Epoch Times

Jamie McRea in SOMEWHERE *premiere play

“Fantastic choreography includes the moves of Leo Ash Evens as the family friend-turned-producer Jamie, whom I could have watched for hours.”

—Diana Saenger, LaJolla Light

“Evens, an agile mover able to suggest entire dances with just a few steps...”

—Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

“Jamie MacRae (Leo Ash Evens), the family's "blanquito"" (the diminutive of white) son, has become assistant choreographer to Robbins. Evens makes a stunning entrance, dancing down the theater aisle.”

—Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Uptown News

Toes in FINGERS AND TOES *premiere musical

“Leo Ash Evens is immensely watchable as he watches over his friend, his dancing partner and the future, and his smile and eyes are always at work - whether the grin of satisfaction, a grimace, a Cheshire Cat secret grin or just radiating with the joy of performing and creating. He sings and dances up a storm with adeptness but without being coy or cutesy or cocky. He always seems to be simultaneously thinking, trying out a step, encouraging his cohorts, seeking their approval, thinking.”

—Rob Lester,

Mark in RENT

“The trio portraying Mark, Roger, and Tom, Leo Ash Evens, Kristoffer Cusick, and Jordan Barbour are superb. They bring color, depth, enthusiasm, and involvement to their roles. Ash Evens is an excellent narrator.”

—William Menenzes, Ovation


“As Riff, the Jets' leader, Leo Ash Evens exudes spirit and spunky, whether singing or dancing; his singing of 'Cool' is... well, cool.”

—Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

“Leo Ash Evens can belt out a song with tons of Broadway brass.”

—Lee Williams, Houston Press

“The performance of Leo Ash Evens as Riff, is top drawer.”

—Gloria Smith, Houston Community Newspapers

“Leo Ash Evens effortlessly captures the bravado of Riff, leader of the white street gang, the Jets.”

—Byron Woods, Indy Week

“Leo Ash Evens, fresh off a winning performance as Tulsa in Ravinia's August staging of Gypsy with Patti LuPone, distinguished himself in Houston with a charismatic, smoothly sung Riff who projected a natural leader's combination of grit, poise, and panache. A gifted dancer, Evens transformed the loose-limbed grace he displayed in Gypsy's "All I Need Is The Girl" into the coiled tension and barely-contained violence of Robbins' choreography for the Jets' commander. He effectively communicated the complexity of Riff's emotions, bringing out his bewilderment and frustration at Tony's withdrawal from the web of gang and neighborhood loyalties that define at the end of the moments of Riff's accidental death at the end of Act 1 and his reappearance in the Act II ballet.”

—Christopher Weimer, The Sondheim Revue

Will Parker in OKLAHOMA!

“Leo Ash Evens (Will Parker) and Jennifer Cody (Ado Annie) were in cahoots all the way. Evens showed off some great tapping skills in "Kansas City" and a playful crouch in wooing his pony-tailed country girl.”

—Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The sidekick roles of Will Parker and Ado Annie are played by Leo Ash Evens and Jennifer Cody, exuding youthfulness and a sweet form of daftness that serves the material appropriately. Evens plays Will with a natural ease that charms, making Will and Annie a great fit.”

—Ann Miner, Talkin' Broadway

“The highlights of the show are the spirited song-and-dance numbers, especially the Evens-led 'Kansas City'...”

—Jolie Williamson, Pittsburgh Tribune


“Evens has charm and the dancing/singing chops the hyperactive Ren requires, with just enough of the bad boy to make it believable he might be seen as a rebel.”

—Chris Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Evens brings just the right balance of charm, youthful insolence and outrage to the role of the rebellious Ren. He sure can dance.”

—Alice Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune

“Leo Ash Evens is just a whirlwind of talent as the out-of-town rebel here to make the kids dance, damnit, I said dance! He's a delight to watch from beginning to end.”

—Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper

“Evens, had an amazing voice and stage presence. Both Evens and Miller brought their characters to life, and the two worked excellently together. Throughout the musical, the chemistry between them was palpable. When they finally kissed, there was a collective sigh from most of the audience. In addition, their conversations seemed to flow naturally; between the two of them, nothing was forced, which made the musical all the more interesting.”

—Pratima Neti, The Tartan


“Leo Ash Evens, who plays Millie's dogged suitor, Jimmy, matches Sterling with a strong presence and smooth vocal delivery.”

—Mark Collins, Daily Camera

“Leo Ash Evens is a knockout as Jimmy, the New York City boy who falls for Millie right from the start.”

—Our Front Newspaper

Tulsa in GYPSY, starring Patti LuPone

“The evening was first rate. Leo Ash Evens as Tulsa turned in a thrilling 'All I Need is the Girl'...An unforgetable evening.”

—Margo Channing,

“Leo Ash Evens made a fine Tulsa, performing 'All I Need is the Girl' with a manly grace that isn't always found in the role.”

—Joseph F. Panarello,

“Leo Ash Evens' Tulsa and Jen Tenman's June were as about as good as these parts get...”

—Don Rosenberg,The Cleveland Chronicle

“Leo Ash Evens shines brightly in Tulsa's 'All I Need is the Girl'...and with Paul Gemignani holding down court at the baton, the score has never sounded richer or more scintillating.”

—Joe Stead, Steadstyle Chicago