Leo is the Co-Owner and Co-Director of Musical Theater College Auditions

Partnered with Ellen Lettrich (Founder) and Charlie Murphy, MTCA is comprised of a team of coaches who prepare students for acceptance into B.F.A. and B.A. programs in musical theatre and drama at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Leo's coordinated faculty masterclasses with:

I remember walking in with a sense of dread, thinking, “Oh god, he’s gonna be so critical and gahhhhh I do NOT feel ready for these college auditions!!!!” However, Leo and I immediately connected and I couldn’t wait to start working on audition material. I remember walking out with a newly discovered confidence, thinking, ‘Breathe in, breathe out: I can do this.’ Fast-forward to today, and I can still hardly fathom that I will be attending Carnegie Mellon University in the fall.
Kelsey Carthew, Carnegie Mellon

Career Coaching

Following his graduation from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama, Leo was fortunate to maintain continuous work in performance. Rather than finding jobs outside of the entertainment industry, Leo has developed a lifestyle/system as an actor that many professionals struggle to achieve for themselves.

When friends and colleagues kept coming to Leo for advice and guidance on navigating their own personal finances and career choices, he began coaching professional actors.

Leo believes every artist should carve their own career path. He will help you create a business plan integrating his three key components:

  1. Passion
  2. Purpose
  3. Persistence

Additional services include:

  • Navigating career highs and lows

  • Infusing positive energy into your daily life

  • Communicating effectively (networking/marketing yourself)

  • Obtaining legit representation

  • Leveraging your unique skills and personal tools to book the jobs your actually want

  • Monologue coaching (large database of contemporary and classical to help build your repertoire)

  • Audition coaching (developing your ability to deliver fresh sides and captivate the room) 


Coaching with Leo has been vital to my success as an actor. His strategies for networking and goal setting are clear, simple and smart. I leave every session with him feeling absolutely energized and excited to get to work! He knows just how to nudge you in the right direction, while holding you accountable and responsible for your own success. Above all, he emphasizes decency, positivity and preparation. I can honestly say that without him I don’t think that I would be able to stay positive in what can be such a tough business. I would recommend Leo to anyone and everyone. This guy knows what he’s talking about.
Aidan Green

Guest Speaker

Leo teaches:

  • Audition Technique for College Programs (Students)

  • Audition Technique for College Programs (Educators)

  • Audition Technique for All Genres (Pre-Professionals)

  • The Move/First Year in NYC

  • The Business of Your Acting Career

  • Original Jerome Robbins "Cool" choreography from West Side Story

  • Original Gower Champion tap choreography from 42nd Street

Guest Speaker credits include:

...and numerous high schools and professional youth theatre companies.